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Entertainment Pods presents The Ultimate Tailgate Experience, providing an Exclusive, Exciting Experience for Fans, Sponsors and Team Owners alike!

EX3" Quick Change" panel system

"EX3" Quick Change" panel system allows the Entertainment Pod fascia to be changed out "Quickly" and "Inexpensively".

The Ultimate Tailgate Experience allows corporate clients to both activate their product while providing a unique experience. Making an impact on the consumer as they visit your custom fit corporate Entertainment Pod. Keeping them engaged for longer periods of time, is essential to distinguish your brand from others that consumers pass by at an event or game day.

Imagine having the ability to change the look of these Highly Visible Entertainment Pods with minimal expense, labor or time...A brand change in only minutes!

"EX3" panels can be flat panels printed with graphics or have a dimensional aspect like brick or even back-lit. The possibilities are only limited by imagination!

"Elite consumers live elite lifestyles. Their game-day experience should include end-to-end premium amenities they have come to enjoy. A satisfying game-day experience begins with exciting tailgating" C.Yex

Entertainment Pods can deliver the Ultimate Tailgate Experience!