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Entertainment Pods present The Ultimate Tailgate Experience, provides an Exclusive, Exciting Experience for Fans, Sponsors and Team Owners alike!

An opportunity exists to bring a unique, luxurious tailgating experience to the traditional corporate pre-game scene and create the Ultimate Fan Experience!

Tailgate events have spread to the pre-game festivities at sporting events besides football, such as basketball, hockey, soccer, and baseball, and also occur at non-sporting events such as weddings and barbecues.

"One area of corporate hospitality that lags behind on Game Day is The Premium Corporate Tailgate" … Jim Smith, 36 Degrees Marketing

Currently, these tailgate events are rather simple in their design and offerings. They include hospitality tents, plastic tables and chairs, catered meals, drinks, and 'Port-O-Potties'. Usually grouped together in exclusive locations called "Corporate Villages", these venues offer a private setting for corporate events but lack in Luxury, Comfort and Uniqueness.

for the fans

  • Sky Box Like Luxury
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Bathrooms
  • Hot & Cold Running Water
  • Working Kitchen & Outdoor Grill
  • Bar with Kegerator
  • Sofas, Chairs, Tables
  • Full Media (Audio & Video)
  • Exclusivity

for the team/venue

  • Higher Parking Lot/Space Values
  • Extended Catering, Beverage, Food Revenues
  • Tailgate Subscription Revenue
  • Wireless Access Revenue
  • Merchandise Revenue
  • Ad and Sponsor Revenue
  • Other Stadium Event Revenue
  • Enhanced Team Image

for the sponsors

  • Unique Promotional Opportunity
  • Highly Visible
  • Longer Interaction With Clients
  • Activation